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The law firm and notaries, "BUFETE RAMÍREZ & BRENES"

Our lawyer´s office, "BUFETE RAMÍREZ & BRENES" is integrated by Laura Ramirez Ulate and Guillermo Brenes Cambronero, was founded on 1995, in Turrialba Cartago, where it has its central offices, to offer corporative, individual and enterprise integral legal services at a regional level, since its original operational range was centered in Turrialba, Jimenez and Siquirres, although the dynamics of the work we do, makes us constantly deal with litigious and notarial matters at any place in the country. At the moment we have an office in San José, for greater comfort of the clients in the great metropolitan area.

Just after creating "BUFETE RAMÍREZ & BRENES", a third member became part of it, Dr. Walter Coto Molina. Dr. Coto Molina is a recognized specialist in administrative lawand he was an active participant in national politics as President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica and Presidential pre-candidate. Through its long practice "BUFETE RAMÍREZ & BRENES", has centered its experience mainly in the areas of notarial, corporative, administrative, civil, commercial, labor law, family and penitentiary.

The broad experience of our lawyers, along with a team of external advisors of great prestige in different areas, allows us to offer high standard services, placing our law firmas one of the most outstanding law firms of the zone.

Lawyers at "BUFETE RAMÍREZ & BRENES" base their prestige on four solid pillars: professional excellence, efficiency, commitment and honesty. It is our duty to help our customers prevent and solve any conflicts, optimizing possibilities and interests.

In order to maintain the excellence in our services, we have a highly efficient administrative personnel who allows us to manage with diligence and fluidity all and each one of the commitments that we assume. Also, thanks to our vision of responsibility, frequently we hire professional consultants in topography, psychology, business administration, accounting and professionals who can offer any criteriaand expertise we might need at any given time or case.

An excellent customer service, ethics in the exercise of the profession and a serious commitment with our clients are the principles that sustain the corporative structure of "BUFETE RAMÍREZ & BRENES".

Our Team

Bufete Ramírez & Brenes

Laura Ramírez Ulate

Law Degree and Public Notary

Guillermo Brenes C.

Law Degree and Public Notary

Carlos Ramírez Ulate

Law Degree and Public Notary

Walter Coto Molina

Law and Notary

Rosa Fernández G.

Head of the Judicial Collection Department

Patricia Fernández G.

Assistant in the Notarial Area

Ana Lucía Diaz Q.


Sergio Leandro E.

Registration Procedures

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